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Emmanuel Bigirimana working in his hair salon

A good rehabilitation: Yes, “Birashoboka”!

Emmanuel has got a second chance in is life. Thanks to the Fondation Stamm: for more than two years now, he has been living steadily mainly through his small business, his own hair salon! Because of all he has been through, the 25-year old man was desperate and could not believe that one day his future will be bright. The native from Kayanza (a province in the northwest of Burundi) lost his mother as he was still a child. When his father married again, he sold the family plot and went to live in Kirundo province, located in the northeast of Kayanza. To leave one's plot to one's children allow them to better prepare their future. By throwing his two children away and by selling their family land, Emmanuel's father started to jeopardize his own son's and daughter's future.

At 14, Emmanuel was compelled to flee his own house and decided to travel to the capital city hoping for a better life. At that time, his younger sister had the chance to be taken in by family members. Emmanuel, who could not get a similar opportunity, had no choice but to go down to Bujumbura, where he sought and found through the Fondation Stamm and the “Birashoboka” center (meaning “It is possible”) the assistance he was looking for.

Since he arrived at “Birashoboka” in 2003, the young man has been supervised by a qualified staff who gave him the opportunity to go back to school or to begin to learn a job. Emmanuel chose the second option and started to attend his training in carpentry and hairdressing. In 2011 finally, the young man opened his own hair salon.

Having been helped by the Fondation Stamm for so many years; learning a job at a training center as well as attending reading and writing lessons; starting one's business thanks to a starter kit; and being able to support his younger sister: all of this has been reached through the “Birashoboka” center and, last but not least, Emmanuel's will to overcome his misery.

The young self-employed worker knows that the Fondation Stamm and its center gave him hope again. Emmanuel can nowadays state loud and clear that we can all have a brighter future despite the difficulties we have been through; we can be reintegrated in our society and our professional life.
“Birashoboka!” It is possible!